Yağmur Bayraktutan was born in Istanbul in 1998. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance.

Before and during her university years, she developed herself by working in beauty salons. These experiences have enhanced her expertise in the beauty industry and expanded her knowledge. Upon completing her university education, she obtained certifications of proficiency in the field of beauty and worked with various brands during this process.

After receiving her certifications, Yağmur established her own beauty salon and created the brand "Yağmur Bayraktutan." Her beauty salon strives to provide customers with the highest quality service and personalized solutions tailored to their beauty needs.

Yağmur Bayraktutan aims to earn the trust of her clients and bring out their beauty with her expertise in the beauty industry. Her professionalism, experience, and passion have made her a leading figure in the field of beauty.

Combining her passion for beauty treatments with a strong academic background, Yağmur Bayraktutan has built a successful career. Her love for her work and dedication form the foundation of her achievements. With strong communication skills and a customer-centric approach, she understands her clients' needs and offers the most suitable solutions.

Yağmur Bayraktutan continues to progress with great passion and success in the beauty industry. With her unique brand and experienced team, she aims to help everyone discover their inner beauty.